CNBC Marathon explores if why the education system in the U.S. is struggling by taking a hard look at the Common Core, teacher’s salaries and sex education.

First implemented in 2009, Common Core was an ambitious initiative to revolutionize the American education system. National leaders from Bill Gates to President Obama supported the idea and it cost an estimated $15.8 billion to implement. Years later, research showed the new curriculum had minimal impact on student performance. So why did Common Core fail? Can a common curriculum be successful for all students?

At the same time, teachers earn nearly 20% less than other professionals with similar education and experience, according to the Economic Policy Institute. In many states, their wages are below the living wage, forcing teachers to seek secondary jobs to supplement their income or leave the profession all together. So why are teachers paid so little and how can the U.S. fix that?

And the majority of U.S. students report they’ve had sex before graduation, which means the type of sex education they receive can be a big deal, for themselves personally and for the economy. The federal government doesn’t have any official regulations for what schools must include in sex education curriculum, which has lead to inconsistent lessons across the country. Watch the video above to learn why sex education is so crucial for the economy and what happens when some students are left behind.

CNBC Marathon brings together the best of CNBC’s education coverage on YouTube.

00:00 Introduction
00:31 How Common Core Broke U.S. Schools (Published Aug. 2021)
14:30 Why Teachers Are Paid So Little In The U.S. (Published Dec. 2020)
25:51 Why Sex Education Is So Bad In The U.S. (Published Dec. 2021)

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Why The Education System Is Failing America | CNBC Marathon

15 thoughts on “Why The Education System Is Failing America | CNBC Marathon

  1. Because you can’t systematize people.
    Education is a parent’s responsibility, and most parents will SAVE money by paying directly instead of through taxes; while poor parents can apply for public assistance.
    But that would make sense, so it can’t happen.

  2. to all american teachers. leave the sinking ship just go teach english abroad. leave the sinking ship you can make big dollars in europe or asia as a english teacher

  3. The idea of having high standards that are uniform across all the states is a good idea. They should’ve just let each teacher in the classroom figure out how to teach the standards however they wanted using whatever materials they felt worked. When they started involving large education publishing companies, the trouble started. A large portion of those materials weren’t written by actual teachers with experience in the grade and subject for which they’re designed.

  4. because there are too many rotten lousy parents, including the teachers who parent their own children.

  5. Rich people broke public education so that their children would have the advantage. Uneducated people are way easier to control.

  6. Corrupt Democrats running the teachers union controlling what you’re child is taught. It’s been that way for over 50 years.

  7. The titanic is sinking, and the captain is teaching his children how to build boats in a locked room with no water

  8. In the western world most parents spend more time on the dog than they do on their child. Children are not learning to learn, to speak, to think. Put down your phone, go out of the house and watch what’s really going on.

  9. Bring back dunce hats, timeout corners, class rankings.. and last but not least.. a little bit of that “fear” of being wacked by a ruler/yard stick by teach if you step out of line. That’ll fix it. 👌🤣

  10. I’m an Indian and here infra of educational institutes might be not as good as developed countries however, I can assure everyone that quality of education is seriously good. People might give different opinion but on an average it’s good.

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